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We do provide stud service for Female

Pomeranian's, but only to approved

females. Your dog must be current on

her vaccines, and you must provide

proof coming from a veterinarian, sorry

we do not take females that have been

self vaccinated, as we do not want to

introduce any sick animals to our


She must be of appropriate

age. Over 1 1/2 yrs old and not older

than 6 yrs old. She can not weigh more

than 7 lbs as our male is small for a

extremely larger female. She must not

be to small either under 4 lbs. There

is a stud fee of $800 cash up front

It will cover her being tied 2 times. we

require her to stay here with us for

about 1 hour so they can get to know each other

optimum breeding time

is normally 7-10 days from first bleeding

discharge. We require she be brought

back to us after 45 days after being bred

so that we may take her to get an x-ray

with our vet to confirm pregnancy.

however pregnancy can not be

guaranteed since it is up to you to be able

to accurately determine when her heat cycle

starts and we have no control as to how your

female cycles and is fertile or not

Sorry, we do not do any

stud service for any cats. Please call to

check availability 602 276-9178    

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