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Our Females

Not For Sale, These are our females

that we own. photos are. just for your

veiwing pleasure.

White Female

"Channel" is a adorable white 7 lb female, 

 shes got that cute little teddy bear face. 

Tons of super thick coat and

shes the sweetest little girl 

Juliiet 7759.jpg

Blue Female

"Baby" is our adorable bubbly little 4 lb Blue female,   she us just a love. a real cuddler.

Red Sable Female

"Camilla" is a cute little 4 lb Red Sable,  shes the newest addition to our girls and we hope to get some quality pups from her.

Cream Female

"Dior" is a gorgeous little 4 1/2

lb Cream female,   she produces the most adorable stunning pups. 


Orange Female

"Katie" is a nice solid girl, she keeps

everyone in check and likes things a

certain way and she lets you know

when shes not happy

Chocolate Female

"Cricket" is a little Chocolate girl with white markings on her chest  and toes.  shes charting 5 lbs one of our newest additions to join us.

Blue Merle


"Jubilee" is a 6lb Blue Merle female,  she produces tiny little facial features that we love 

Corbin 20.JPG
Corbin 0002.jpg
Corbin 25.JPG

These are our females that are part of our

large family, some are used for breeding

and others are just pets. We love them all

the same.

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