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Pomeranian Sizes

What is a Toy, Teacup, tiny, Micro?


Pomeranian Sizes- AKC Standard is 3-7 lb. show dogs being between 4-6. To clarify this is the size of your average regular Toy Pom.


There is no such thing or breed as a Teacup Micro or Super Tiny. I want to make sure everyone understands this.

These are just words used to describe the expected size of the pom we use this wording so people have an idea of how small or how big the pom you are

purchasing will be.


If you are looking around for a puppy always ask how much the puppys exact weight is, if it is only 7 wks old and already weighs more than 2 lbs. you are going to end up with a full grown pom over 7 lbs or more.


Beware of un reputable breeders that will advertise saying it is a teacup when in

reality it will be a much larger dog.


This is why you need to do your homework. Most breeders of poms go by a puppy chart that will estimate

the pups weight as an adult.



Remember this puppy chart is a estimated weight. Not carved in stone.


No one can tell you exactly without a doubt how much your puppy will weigh exactly. We can only give you our best guess from past puppies and what those particular parents have thrown before.

We get tons of people wanting to buy a teacup and they don't have the financial means to care for a delicate little dog or in reality know what a teacup is. so please be aware of what you are asking for.


In reality a Teacup or very tiny dog is almost always the runt of the litter. if you look up the word runt in your dictionary it will basically tell you its an underdeveloped dog.


which just means it was most likely the last puppy egg fertilized during breeding, so in reality it is several days younger than its earlier fertilized siblings.


Let me explain dogs breed off & on for several days most average about a week or so. during that time the female is releasing several eggs. some get fertilized right away some dont. an egg that was fertilized toward the end of the breeding is several days younger than the ones fertilized in the beginning of the breeding.


When the mother goes into labor her body starts producing Oxytocin which is what start a females labor. When she goes into labor she delivers all the pups at the same time, those that were fertilzed early and late. Her body does not say well let me deliver the bigger ones first and then the ones that were fertilized last can come later, that's not the way mother nature works.


So this is why you have some larger healthier pups and some much smaller runtier pups all in the same litter.

Now when we think runt we think of an un healthy pup. this is not exactly true. not all runts are underdeveloped and many are just as healthy as their siblings and can and some do eventually catch up to the other pups.


it is just like a preemie baby. it is just much more fragile as a newborn and more than likely will need a little help during the first few weeks of its life to get stronger.


why are the Teacups so much more expensive . Well let me tell you. normally raising any size pup is labor intensive but much more so with a tiny teacup. it is unable to nurse like the other pups, the larger ones usually have much more strength and push the little ones out of the way and they get weak from not being able to nurse.


This means some are not even strong enough to bottle feed. They normally are tube fed with a small rubber feeding tube that goes directly into their stomach. that means getting up all night every 3 hrs to feed and stimulate them to go to the bathroom and making sure puppy is regulating its body temperature and staying warm or its got to be on a heating pad.


This also means carrying that puppy back and forth to work , bed, heating pad, formula, bottles and all. Just like an infant child. All this is only the first 2 wks. Once the puppy is strong enough that means you can finally get to nurse on a bottle to strengthen is jaw muscles for another week.


Finally puppy is now about 3 wks old and can go back with its mother but we still have to make sure the other pups in the litter are letting it nurse or we have to separate mom and tiny pup to get some quality mommy time with him and feedings.


Next comes the hard part of weaning puppy off of mothers milk on to solid foods. this is when the critical time is, puppies nibble all day long every 2-3 hours. they dont just sit down and have one big breakfast and one nice lunch and wait for dinner. they metabolize sugars much more rapidly to keep their little tiny bodies on the move rapidly. So they burn off allot of fatty reserves and if they


are not eating every few hours they can get Hypoglycemic (Low Blood sugar). Just like a Diabetic person this is very dangerous if not corrected in time and puppies can seizure or even die from this. it can easily be prevented by making sure it is eating well, many people use a little touch of Karo syrup in puppies water bowl to sweeten it a bit to help keep up blood sugar levels, other people keep a High calorie supplement on hand like Nutrical an give puppy some 3 times a day. I have used both on my tinies to ensure a good blood sugar level. they both work great.


So does all of that make sense to you now to know all the ins and outs of tiny teacup pups and all the hard pain staking labor to produce one of these little angels. This work is hard, tiring,stressful and sometimes even inconvenient . Cant go out to dinner, no movies, no out with friends ect..... Have to be there every 3 hrs to feed and clean. Ill tell you this much the first person to come up with a teleportation device is going to be a millionaire.

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