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Our Female Poms

Not For Sale, These our our

females that we own, photos are

just for your viewing pleasure

Orange Sable Female

"Bitsy" is a Adorable little 5 lb Orange Heavy Sabled female who is always in the mix with everyone, she loves attention and has a very loving personality

Tommy 06.JPG

Black & Tan 

Patrick 023 (2).JPG

"Cupcake' is a cute 5 lb

compact little baby girl.

she has turned out amazing. 


"Hailey" is a beautiful white 6 lb girl,  she has all the looks she needs

Black Female

"Raven" is a  6 lb Black Female that is high energy with lots of spunk and is the one who always gets into trouble when her curiosity gets the best of her

Lavender & Tan Female

Couture 6506.jpg
Couture 6519.jpg

"Couture" is Beautiful Lavender & Tan charting 5 lbs,   shes still a young pup but cant wait to see what she produces.

Couture 6507.jpg

Chocolate Female

"Smore" is a 5 1/2 lb Chocolate with white marekings on her chest .   one of our newer females we introduced to our lines for color.  

Orange Female

"Diamond" is a 5 1/2 lb Orange Female,   she produces the best solid pups with the perfect structure.   


Bianca 6117.jpg

"Venice" is a cute little 5 lb Cream girl,   sweet, loving and very gentle, perfect disposition 

Bon Bon 099.JPG
Bon Bon 103.JPG
Bon Bon 101.JPG

These are females we own that are part of our

large family, some are used in our breeding program

and some are just pets. We love them all the same.

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