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These are our Breeding Toy Poodles,  photos are just for show  not available for sale    If looking for a pup please check our available page 

Red Male


"Rudy" is  our 4 lb Red Stud male,  he is on point. He takes very good care of all his ladies. 


Blue Merle Male

"Blue" is our 5lb Blue Merle Stud Male.   he is fairly new and will help with the new pups planned for this coming year

Cream Female

"Tati"is our Cream 6 1/2 lb Female, she has given us wonderful pups and look forward to keeping some of her stock

Phantom Female

"Opal" is our (Black & Tan) Phantom 5 lb Female.   she is the sweetest girl

Apricot Female

"Ruby" is a 5 1/2 lb Apricot Female that has lovely pups.   she is a asset to our program to bring those colors 

Black & White
Parti Female

"Jade" is our Black & White 6 lb Female,  her pups are beautiful and so loving,  the best Parti pups

Red Female

"Kiwi" is a 6 lb Red female,  shes a real looker and has that deep color 

Black Female

"June Bug" is a Solid Black 6 1/2 lb Female and is the newest to crew.   we hope to get some solid pups from this girl in the near future.

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