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Bon Bon 1388 (2).jpg

"Bon Bon" is one of our Adorable 5lb white male Studs that we use in our breeding program 

Bon Bon 1380 (2).jpg
Bon Bon 1357 (6).jpg

Chocolate Pied

Smore 077.JPG

"Sugar Daddy" is one of our spunky 5 lb Chocolate Pied males studs we use in our breeding program

Sugar Daddy 9695.jpg
Sugar Daddy 9680.jpg

Cream Sable

Dawson (8).jpg

"Dawson" is our cute little 3 1/2 lb Cream Sable Studs we use in our breeding program 

Dawson 0468.jpg
Dawson 0469.jpg

Blue Merle W/ Tan Markings

Merlin 2300.jpg

"Legend" is our adorable little 3 lb Blue Merle With Tan Markings stud we use here in our breeding program 

Legend 9483.jpg
Legend 9445.jpg


Tater Tot 0086.jpg

"Mini Me" is our little 3 lb Cream Stud,  hes a handsome fellow.  loves all the ladies

Collet 2.jpg
Collet 1.jpg
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