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Available Puppies & kittens

By Coming to this website and or purchasing or leaving a deposit.  it is your responsibility to read all of the content on this site and abide by it.    There are no refunds on purchases or deposits .  We ask that you please be sure of your purchase and ask all of the necessary questions you believe are pertinent since you can not change your mind once money is left.  cash only upon pickup and know that we  can not hold / reserve any pet without a deposit.

We encourage new owners to come and meet their puppy / kitten in person.  it is best when leaving a deposit.   we want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase

Please call us at 602 276-9178 or email us at

Please read the price and size page prior to inquiring on a puppy or kitten  this is to educate you and help you make a good choice on what real expectations are of size and prices of quality.


Our Adorable little poodles are hand raised under foot. by us and are very social with other pets and children.  they are raised in a busy home environment  and use to loud noises and lots going on so you wont have a shy dog.


 Our pomeranians come in only 2 looks,  we breed only Baby doll and Teddy bear faced poms, with full thick coats, square bodies and adorable features like small round ears and little faces.


Our persians are held from day 1 of them being born, and bathed and brushed regularly, even the blow dryer doesn't scare them.  monthly nail trims, sanitary clips  they think all of this is normal and everyone must have this done because thats all they know and they dont know otherwise so you will always have a well behaved kitty as long as you continue the same care

Available male Pom

Frosty 9948.jpg

"Frosty" is a  White Teddy Bear Male Pomeranian born 12/20/23  He is a  handsome guy with lots of personality , a real looker available as a pet $1500

Frosty 9964.jpg
Frosty 9962.jpg

Avail Female Pom

Angel 9917.jpg
Angel 9918.jpg

"Angel" is a Cream Female Pom born 12/23/23  She is a skunky cuddle baby who enjoys all your attention,  Available as a pet $1500

Angel 9905.jpg
Angel 9908.jpg

Avail Male Pom

Oakley 9933.jpg
Oakley 9921.jpg
Oakley 9934.jpg

"Oakley" is a Gorgeous Cream little male pom born 12/13/23  he is perfect in every way. short compact, small featured,  available as a pet $1800

Oakley 9938.jpg
Oakley 9924.jpg
Oakley 9926.jpg
Oakley 9930.jpg

Avail Female Pom

Aspen 9829.jpg
Aspen 9831.jpg

"Aspen" is a Cream Female pom born 12/23/23  she is a real lover and a princess available as a pet $1500

Aspen 9827.jpg
Aspen 9824.jpg

Avail Female Pom

Diamond 9898.jpg
"Diamond" is a Stunning little Cream Female, born 12/13/23 a nice cobby square body, short round ears & muzzle, available as a pet $2000
Aspen 9836.jpg
Aspen 9833.jpg
Aspen 9834.jpg
Diamond 9902.jpg

Avail Male Pom

"Domino" is a Male Pom born 2/5/24  His markings are stunning with small features, this guy is a real looker. available as a pet $1800

Avail Female Pom

"Ebony" is Black Female Pom born 2/5/24  she has all 4 feet white on the tips and a splash of white on her chest. available as a pet $1500

Avail Male Pom

"Tater Tot" is a Male Orange pied pom born 2/5/24  he is a handsome fellow. available as a pet $1600

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