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Female Pomeranians 3

Not for sale, these are

the females we own. Photos are

just for your viewing.

Female pomeranains 3


"Delilah" is a Cream 4 lb female sure

to bring us some cute adorable babies.

to our cream and white program


Penny is a cute little cream girl she is fairly

new but should work out great here with our

our other pack . she will help add whites

and creams 


"Gumdrop" is a lovely Orang Sable she

produces the most beautiful pups for us.

the are all so adorable but they have her

great personality 

Black & Tan

"Willow" is a 6 lb Chubby  girl, she is a

cute as a button, very loving and

mellow laid back gal

Orange Parti

"Dakota" is a wild child, always into

something, she likes to explore and

get into everything

These are the females we own. some are used

for breeding and some are just our pets

and have already been spayed. we love them

just the same.

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