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Prices on pomeranials,  persians and French bulldogs sliding scale by color, size and gender

Dogs or cats  males are always lower priced than females 

On our available page our babies will be listed with their prices .     prices are not set in stone and can vary depending on how much care goes into raising them we will always place into pet homes, very rarely do we ever sell with full breeding rights.   



weights are estimated according to a small breed puppy growth chart.  i do my best to be accurate but weights can vary as a pup grows.  i have no control as to how it is fed once it leaves my home . 


Retiring Adults $500-$850

Pom puppies run anywhere starting from $800 up to $2500.

rescue dogs depends on how much medical care we have to provide for any problems they have but average  up to $600.




we rarely place our babies into breeding homes. so no matter what quality we will always choose a pet home first. 


Breeder/Show extreme face quality $1000-$1800

Pet quality medium faced $800-$1300

Retiring adults $400- $600



 French Bulldogs


 Black, Brindle or Black Pied $2000-$2200

White, Fawn, Cream, Red or Fawn/Red Pied $2200-$2500  

exotic colors

Blue, Blue Brindle, Blue Pied or Blue Fawn $3000-$4000

Chocolate, Chocolate Brindle, Chocolate Pied $5000

 Tan Marked/Tri colored like Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan , Blue & Tan   Or Lilacs    $6000-$8000   



I certainly don't want to sound rude
with the following statement,   but we
get so many calls with the same
issues so i figured i would post how
i think.  the prices of my pups/kittens
are NOT NEGOTIABLE, so please
don't ask.
               I think trying to negotiate
price is not only insulting but rude.
you probably wouldn't  appreciate
it if someone asked you to take less
money in your paycheck after  you'd
worked very hard at your job.    I
believe that if you have to negotiate
the price of a puppy/kitten then you
more than likely can not afford one
in the first place.
                    Also there is a chance
that you may have to negotiate, at
some point, on the care of the puppy
or kitten and that's just NOT in any
way acceptable.    Accidents can also
happen and I'd hate to think one
of our puppies/kittens wouldn't receive
the necessary medical care they so
desperately would need and would
suffer unnecessary pain or even die
just because the new owner's budget
didn't allow for emergency care or you needed to negotiate its care with the vet..
        When  purchasing a puppy/kitten
 it is a life long commitment.    If you
want to only spend a minimal amount
for a puppy/kitten, then please find
and BUY a  puppy/kitten priced within
your budget.  Our prices reflect the
"quality" of our puppies/kittens and I
am NOT going to sell a puppy/kitten
for less, just because your budget
won't allow you to pay full price or
because you're a college student,
or because you had unexpected
bills last month, or because its for
your child's birthday, or its for a
person who is ill or handicapped
or for any other reason. 
                                Please realize,
that "your budget", or what you're
willing to pay for a puppy/kitten, has
absolutely no bearing on how much
money and love,time  I have invested in
my breeding stock, puppies/kittens,
in time, effort, food, vaccinations,
worming, vet bills, supplies, etc.
               I am  well aware of
those giving a sad story (and
trust me, I've heard them ALL)
just to get a free or discounted 
puppy/kitten! That's why I, and any caring breeder, will always charge an adoption fee, even for animals that can no longer be breeders,to ensure that this won't happen. 

I would suggest going to your
local animal shelter and saving a
homeless/abandoned animal
...but even there you will have to
pay an adoption fee.  Even our
rescues still require care and
treatment so no pet is ever free.
So in short, if you don't want to
spend any money to acquire a
new pet then maybe you should
consider NOT even getting
one.... for the pet's best interest!
Therefore, I reserve the right to
refuse sales/service to anyone
I feel would be an unfit parent to
any of my puppies/kittens or adults.

I hope that you can respect this
and please not ask.

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