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Female Pomeranians 3

not for sale, these are

the females we own.  Photos are

just for your viewing.

Female pomeranains 3



 Black & Tan


 "Couture" is a Black & Tan little

girl 4 lbs.     born here from our moms & dads


she is a stunning looker




  Orange Sable

"Gumdrop" is  a adorable 5 1/2 lb

Orange Sable born here from

our moms & dads.



she loves to play with the cats

 She is a sweet girl full of spunk.  



Cream  Bubbles 

Bubbles is our Cream little tiny 4 lb girl, 

  she is a cute as a button, very loving and 

mellow laid back gal


These are the females we own.  some are used

for breeding and some are just our pets

and have already been spayed.  we love them

just the same.


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