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Adorable French Bulldogs 
Poms N Persians

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Our Females

Not For Sale,   These our our

females that we own, photos are

just for your viewing pleasure

Female Poms

Clear Orange

"Channel" is a Beautiful Clear Orange

 girl 4 lbs we hope will produce some

 lovely pups 


Black & Tan

"Vivian' is a cute compact little baby girl. 

 she is still somewhat new and not fully

 mature but so far turning out amazing



"Diamond" is a beautiful white baby girl 

we hope will add lots of whites and 

creams to our lines.  she is a tough

 little cookie.


Cream Sable 

Piper is a beauty a 6 lb cream sable

and one of our best mothers  she loves everyone 


Blue Parti 

"Paris" is a new 4lb girl she has

 just joined us here to produce cute

 adorable babies 


These are females we own that are part of our

large family, some are used in our breeding program

and some are  just pets.  We love them all the same.

Recent Photos