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Our Females

Not For Sale, These are our females

 that we own. photos are. just for your

veiwing pleasure.

  Cream  Melody 


 "Melody" is a great little Cream

 5 lb girl  that is a blast.     she has a 

super thick coat and small facial

 features.  she is very mellow and calm

very relaxed when sitting with you.  


Black & Tan Tri female

"Christie" is a cute little 5 lb Black & Tan Tri

 colored female,   we hope she will have 

great pups being paired up with our males


Orang Sable

"Baby Girl " is a Red Sable  4 1/2 lb little 

spit fire she loves to jump in your

 lap and run around  you in circles 

Cream Daphney 

"Dapheny" is a cute little 6 lb cream girl , she is a little spunky monkey.  very active.   loves to be around people and is a great mother.  


Sable Pied "Pixie"

"Pixie is a Sable Pied 6 lb  female,  very active and high energy,  she loves to play all day long if she could    


These are our females that are part of our

large family, some are used for breeding

and others are just pets.   We love them all

the same.

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