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Our Females

Not For Sale.

These are the cats we own,

photos are for veiwing only. 

Most of our cats have been

shaved down and are kept

in summer cuts.


Odd eyed White

"Lily" is a Female Odd Eyed White,  

she is going to make a great mother 

 once she is old enough to join our girls. 


Brown Tabby

"Cupcake" is a lovely Brown Tabby,  she

 enjoys sitting next to you and just relax

 watching TV


Classic Calico

"Suki" is a beautiful Classic Calico baby girl,  she is new to our queens,  she loves everyone. 


Red Tabby

"Amber Rose" is our Red female kitty,  one of the sweetest  she loves to be petted and if you stop she will pet you back so you can pet her some more. 





Classic Calico

"Jubilee" is a adorable little Classic 

Calico, full of Spunk and mischief



Blue Eyed White

"Crystal" is a white Blue  eyed 

 baby girl,  she thinks shes the

 boss just because she is so 

cute and she knows it 



These females are owned by us and some are used for breeding

and some are just pets.  We love them all the same.


Recent Photos